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The presence of electric vehicles at a facility or public location adds new safety items to consider.

Is your facility equipped to deal with battery hazards?

Electric Vehicles pose different and additional fire risks in comparison to traditional, liquid fueled vehicle models. The chemical makeup of the battery packs create fires that burn hotter and longer than ICE vehicles. Energy can also remain in the battery modules after the initial fire is extinguished, which can lead to reignition of the module.

ZEV charging deployments, infrastructure, fleet, and maintenance facilities require new and additional safety awareness, equipment, and protection. As legislation and regulatory bodies catch up, best practices and new techniques need to be implemented to keep your facility, staff, and constituents safe while also lowering future additional costs.
Cornice Technology works with automotive manufacturers, researchers, first responders, entrepreneurs, and like minded individuals to create safer infrastructure. By sharing information and being open in communication, we facilitate best practice implementation as well as adoption of industry-leading safety protocols.  ​

Dealership and Service Lots

Electric vehicle dealerships and OEM service centers will have a concentrated amount of EVs on their premises. The need to regulate and share energy throughout their new inventory and customer vehicles undergoing maintenance requires intelligence and decision making regarding battery state of health, state of charge, and temperature levels within the battery modules.

Service Centers

Electric vehicle dealerships and OEM service centers will perform maintenance on battery modules for EVs during the 8-10 year battery warranty period. These locations must be ready to store, maintain, and install battery modules for each of the new EVs that are sold in a safe and efficient manner.

Fire Safety

Many electric vehicle manufacturers document additional fire hazards that lithium batteries present. Fire safety equipment that is specific to battery fires should be available at locations where there are high concentrations of EVs. After the initial thermal event, the vehicle must be monitored at the dealership or service center lot to ensure that any stranded energy within the battery does not reignite.

Fueling Safety

A very large amount of electrical energy is transferred from the electrical grid to an electrical vehicle during a fueling session. There are currently no regulations for external monitoring and suppression of fire events at electric fueling stations. Cornice Technology is developing solutions that will make charging safer.

Cornice Technology can help with your electric vehicle safety plan and implementation.


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